How Can Live Chat Help Non-profit Organization?

Live chat service is one of the most effective Internet marketing strategies for online businesses. This is because it enhances the customer service features of a website by allowing the customers to ask and post their feedbacks in real time. Nevertheless, live chat service should not only be confided within the business sector because it can also be used by a non-profit organization. With live chat service, you can easily ask for donations as most of the people in the world are Internet savvy.

With live chat, you can provide a platform where web visitors can ask questions about the donation process and the objectives of your organization. Customers would most likely trust an organization if they feel like their concerns are being addressed immediately and if they can get more information about the organization. This way you’ll be able to gain more referrals and donations for your organizations.

altLive chat can also secure the anonymity and confidentiality of your customers because it doesn’t require web visitors to log in or register to post their questions. They can simply click the live chat support button, and they’ll be automatically connected to an agent. Live chat also doesn’t require web visitors to input their names when they ask a question for security purposes.

You can also conduct live meetings with live chat even if your board members are in a vacation or in a different place. With this feature, you can plan for the future endeavors of your organization ay any time and place.
Live chat also provides transcripts of your donors’ transactions. You can use this to identify the things that you need to improve in your website to improve your organization’s customer service.

With the ability of live chat to answer visitors’ inquiries in real time, you can easily encourage them to volunteer in your activities through giving them follow up updates or by asking them to subscribe on your website.

You don’t have to worry about the cost of the software because they are very affordable. It will only cost you $10 a month. This software is also offered in different packages, so you can choose the appropriate features that you’re looking for your organization’s website. Live chat service is also cheaper than telephone calls. If you use a live chat service, you’ll be able to save more money for your organization.

Live chat can also help your staff members and employees to save more time from their works. With live chat, they don’t have to check the website every time because they can use their mobile phones to answer inquiries.

Live chat also comes with a knowledge base feature, which is a great tool for non-profit organizations. With this feature, you can easily answer inquiries by dividing them into categories appropriate for donors, volunteers, sponsors, and partner organizations. Knowledge base can also create new information through combining the website’s data with the chat logs and FAQs. With these benefits, you can post relevant information in your website without spending a lot of time and man power.

The other benefits of live chat are the following:

• Employees can respond to different customer inquiries because live chat can open multiple chat windows at the same operating time.
• It has a tracking mechanism that makes it a powerful tool for fund-raising.

In summary, live chat is an effective tool for building relationships with people through giving them a platform where they can post their questions, feedbacks, and comments about the goals of your organization. With live chat, you can convince people to volunteer and donate to the cause of your organization.